Letters To Santa Online

Have your child mail their own Letter to Santa Online! No need for Santa's mailing address!

(And now you can get instant PROOF that Santa received it... with the all-new Letters To Santa Online Service at www.LettersToSantaOnline.com!)

Did you know that Santa Claus can now receive letters online? Every year children write a letter to Santa and don't where exactly where to send it, and ask their parents to mail it to the North Pole for them. Sometimes the letter can even get lost in the mail on the way to Santa! Why not create even more magical memories and have your child create and send their very own letter and send it to the big guy directly, online? This way they will know that their parents didn’t forget to send it out, and you will not have to keep hearing the question "did you send it?" Children enjoy sending their letter to Santa! With the all-new FREE service, you can further guarantee their continued belief in Santa Claus.

Send your child's Letter to Santa Online! The safe, instant way to send Letters To Santa Claus! Your child will love crafting their Santa letter online (or upload a photo of their pre-written letter) and sending it directly to Santa! Your child will receive proof he received it with the FREE high quality, printable personalized Santa Photo!

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