Children in Canada also receive Letters from Santa Claus

Living in Canada doesn't mean that Santa can't send children Santa Claus letters. Canada does happen to be closer to the North Pole than America. Santa Claus always delivers toys in Canada before making his way to America each year. His job is to ensure that the all the children get the gifts that they desire.

Traditions in Canada are very similar to those in America and just like children do in America, Canadian children will write a letter to Santa appealing to his kinder side and ask for Christmas Day to bring to them a bounty of gifts and treats. It goes without saying that Santa Claus would also make the time to write the children in Canada special letters from Santa Claus as well. Spreading and sharing the holiday spirit is important to Santa and he strives to make sure that Christmas time is special for as many people as he possibly can.

Sharing in your child's enthusiasm for Christmas will be something your child will carry with them for the rest of their lives. A letter from Santa Claus is also something that will most likely be a precious gift that they will keep with them until they have their own children.

Personalized Santa Letters Now Being Sent to Canada

You read that right; personalized Santa letters are now making their way through Canada and can be delivered without anything getting in the way. Unlike Santa Claus whose magic and reindeer can get him to wherever he wants to go, the postal service does have control over what goes through the mail, and because Santas letters are bright and dazzling to the eye, they ran the risk of getting held up at customs. But now you can be rest assured Santa and his elves have been working diligently to make sure that from now on Santa will be able to mail out his own letters to the children in Canada without anything to get in the way.

Santa is not in the business of leaving children out, and it has been a painstaking process to finally get things worked out, but the day has come and Santa is excited to announce that it is time to for personalized Santa letters to be sent to the children of Canada. Thank you Santa, for working you magic charm once again!

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