Newborns Can't Wait To Get Their First Santa Claus Letter

You might be thinking that sending your newborn a letter from Santa is a waste of time. It definitely is not a waste of time for you to show your newborn your Christmas spirit and to send your newborn their first Santa Claus letter. It is their first Christmas after all, and this special moment only happens once in their lifetime, and it couldn’t be commemorated in a more fitting manner than by having a letter from Santa sent to your newborn! There is no time like the present to introduce your child to the wonder and enchantment of Christmastime. Starting out their life’s memory book with a unique letter from Santa to your baby is a memento that will be treasured by you and then your child for years to come.

Honoring the Christmas spirit and strengthening the belief in Santa is just one purpose of having Santa send your little one a Santa letter, written specifically for your newborn. As they grow you can continue to bolster their own Christmas spirit by sending letters from Santa each Christmas and when the time comes, you can have Santa send you child a birthday wish as well.

Happy Birthday! It's a Letter from Santa?

There are many ways to keep your children behaving around Christmas time. Keeping track of the days until Christmas with a Christmas countdown calendar is a great way to keep your kids excited and well mannered. No child wants a lump of coal in their stocking after all. But what about the days, weeks, and months following Christmas, what do you do to remind your children that Santa Claus always knows when they are being bad or good? When a child receives a random letter from Santa on their birthday it will create an instant memory that will be treasured for the rest of their lives.

Keeping the belief in Santa Claus is a task that all parents labor at until their children just refuse to believe any longer. So why not make sure that you child's belief stays strong by sending them an extra special, completely unexpected gift for their birthday. Receiving personalized letters from Santa on their birthday will not only give the most unexpected gift of all, and it also reinforces the need to be good all year long. Christmas, Santa Claus, and the holiday season are rich with tradition. Why not create a new tradition for your family?

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