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“My 6yr old daughter was besides herself with her letter from Santa and told everyone! She couldn't believe Santa knew so much about her. She showed everyone! BEST YEAR YET!”
Renee O'Donnell
Chicago, Illinois
"My daughter was elated with her letter from Santa. It was easy, quick and had a powerful impact!"
Cori Peters
Statesville, North Carolina
"The package from Santa was great! My son is 9 and he still believes! He was very excited that Santa knew so much about him! Thank you."
Denise Cornwell-Bruce
Stockton, California
“The look on my daughter's face was priceless when she received her Santa letter. I'll definitely come back next year! Thanks so much!"
Sureida Gonzalez
Niceville, Florida
“The shiny envelope really caught her eye as I got the mail she could not wait to open it up. We read that letter from Santa 10 times within the next hour and 10 more times after her Daddy got home!”
Dawn Murray
Auburn, Kansas

Dear Parents, Why A Personalized Letter from Santa?

Do you want your child's face to light up in amazement when they get a personalized letter from Santa Claus? Of course you do!

Some of my fondest childhood memories of Santa Claus are extremely vivid and bring me happiness and joy to this day.

My parents actually took the time to create a Santa letter, trying to create it to look as authentic as letters from Santa Claus should look. They even took the time to make Santa's signature look real and use a green envelope. All for the love of witnessing my joy as I received the Santa letter in the mail.

Yes, I remember it like it was yesterday. Just the fact that I received mail was a huge thrill! But the fact that it was from Santa Claus made it just too good to be true. The Santa letter even mentioned my name... wow! It was a priceless moment for my parents as they watched the fantasy of Santa Claus unfold.

The experience and memories of a good Santa letter can last a lifetime, for both the child and the parents.

Every child WANTS to believe, but let's face it, the kids today are much smarter and often demand more proof than just simple letters from Santa. Even if letters from Santa Claus did work, the time it takes just to create one, get the envelopes, paper, stamps, and ensure it's properly mailed can be more time than the average parent even has. Believable Letters from Santa can be a ton of hard work.

What if there was a simple, inexpensive way for today's parents to ensure that Santa Claus remains a strong belief in everybody's heart... young and old?

What if there was an in-genius, personalized letter from Santa for sustaining the enchantment of Santa Claus?

What if there was a way to keep ANY person believing in Santa Claus, Rudolph, Mrs. Claus, and the rest of the joyous team at the North Pole?

What if there was a perfect way to have the "real Santa" reply when your child mails their own letter to Santa?

Now there is a foolproof package that Santa Claus himself has put together. It's a very special package containing the personalized Santa letter that is sent to only the very best boys and girls. It's a treasure chest of authentic, custom Santa Claus goodies, sent right to your child!

Even if this is your newborn's first Christmas, we have just the thing to make getting their first Santa Claus letter unforgettable!

This is not just a "Letter from Santa!" It's an experience... it's joy, memories, and happiness in a box.

If your child has any doubt if Santa Claus is real or not, there will be no question after they get this incredible package with a genuine Santa letter mailed directly from Santa's workshop.

As your child opens the box, they'll hardly be able to contain themselves. They just got a letter from Santa himself! A real Santa letter, with specific details that only Santa could know!

You see, at, each letter is a Personalized Letter from Santa. Each Letter from Santa contains detailed information, such as the child's eye color, best friend, and contains a real North Pole Stamp! Using our custom Santa Letter Creator™ you can even edit the entire letter to make it even more personalized... add your own personal touches!

Every child's goal is to make it on Santa's Nice List. That's the number one thing kids ask when they write a Santa letter. Now they'll be relieved when they know for sure they've made it on the list! They'll have the personalized Nice Certificate to prove it!

They'll even get a photo and personal letter from Rudolph. They knew Rudolph could fly but they certainly didn't know Rudolph could write! Now they'll have a personalized letter from Santa AND a Rudolph letter!

Imagine the excitement when your child puts their "Santa, Stop Here!" Window Decal in the front window! A colorful, removable decal that let's Santa know that your child's house is a priority stop!

They'll hardly believe it when they actually have an autographed picture of Santa Claus - a full size, glossy photo of Santa taken by world famous photographer of the stars Scott Maisel. They'll definitely want to frame it!

Your child will receive a Famous Mrs. Claus Sugar Cookie in a collector's tin! Straight from the kitchen of Mrs. Claus... yummy!

They'll be mesmerized when they open the box and see the collector's tin of Magical Reindeer Food. This is the mysterious magical reindeer food that Rudolph and the rest of the gang eat only on Christmas Eve. This is the very food that allows them to defy gravity and make the trip around the world.

NEW for 2013! You're going to want to get the camera ready... your child's eyes (and yours) will be wide with astonishment when they open the Velvet Pouch containing a REAL shiny bell from Rudolph! Comes complete with a foil accented collector story card!

NEW for 2013! This year your child can also receive the Genuine North Pole Pine Tree Seed™. Sent straight from Autumn, the Gardener Elf, this real handmade paper Pine Tree Seed can be planted in your yard, and will grow into a North Pole Pine Tree! A genuine piece of the North Pole for your family, for years to come!

And to top it all off...they'll get an actual piece of material from Santa's red suit! The new 2013 Authentic Collector's Piece of Santa's Suit!

Every year Santa Claus gets a brand new red suit. The one from the previous year is fashioned into small pieces and attached to a Certificate of Authenticity. It's then numbered and signed by Santa himself. Imagine that... an actual piece of Santa's red suit. It just doesn't get any better than that! (These are extremely limited in quantity and even come in a protective sleeve for avid collectors!)

It can be one of the biggest thrills each Christmas watching your child read their personalized letter from Santa with amazement! (Each of these custom personalized Santa Letters is guaranteed Authentic.)

The whole package of proof is waiting with YOUR CHILD'S NAME ON IT! Each package contains the genuine personalized letter from Santa. Even children in Canada can get these special Letters from Santa Claus this season!

You'll be just as excited as your child when you watch them open their package from Santa Claus and read their Santa letter. Trust us... thousands of people are overjoyed and STILL talking about their personalized Santa Claus letter from LAST year! Here are just a few of the thousands of Santa letter testimonials we've received:

"The personalized Santa Claus letter, Rudolph letter and the personalized Nice List Certificate were amazing! My daughter's face lit up when she read the personalized letter from Santa. Everything was wonderful. I cannot describe how excited my daughter was when she received the package. I have recommended these Santa letters to all my friends with children." - Cindy Brackett from Kearneysville, West Virginia.

"My 6yr old daughter was beside herself and told everyone about her Santa letter. She couldn't believe Santa knew so much about her. She showed everyone! BEST letter from Santa ever!" - Renee O'Donnell from Chicago, Illinois.

To read more of the thousands of testimonials from previous customers about the Santa letter, click here.

This is by far the most exciting package your child will get this holiday season! Containing the most believable personalized letter from Santa Claus, it's guaranteed to bring more joy to your child's face than anything you could imagine.

Some of these items are in very limited supply and will be gone long before Christmas rolls around! Order your personalized Santa Letters today!

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Baby's First Christmas
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"A One-of-a-Kind Gift from Santa Claus to Your Child!"

As you'll soon discover, this is no ordinary package, and certainly no ordinary Personalized Letters from Santa! It's a treasure chest of Santa's finest work and his best ideas to date.

See below for a quick preview of each item in the PLATINUM package... or click here to order your Personalized Santa Letter now!

2013 Personalized Letter From Santa™
2013 Personalized Letter From Santa™
A highly personalized Letter from Santa on his Official, high-quality custom letterhead. Genuine, parchment-like paper with
Official Gold Foil Seal.
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Official Personalized Custom Nice Certificate™
2013 Official Personalized Custom Nice Certificate™
Deep down every child worries they might not be on Santa's Nice List. They'll be thrilled
to know they "Made The Cut."
Now they'll have PROOF!

2013 Autographed Santa Claus Photo
2013 Autographed Santa Claus Photo
High quality film print of Santa himself!
Autographed photo with amazing details
of Santa Claus writing Santa Letters!
Perfect for framing!

2013 Autographed Rudolph Photo
2013 Autographed Rudolph Photo
A beautiful glossy print of majestic Rudolph! Custom Rudolph letter, brand new for 2013! It even has Rudolph's hoofprint signature on it!

"Santa, Stop Here!" Window Decal™
"Santa, Stop Here!" Window Decal™
Now Santa will know to stop at your
child's house, with the custom "Santa, Stop
Here!" removable window decal!

Rudolph Sleigh Bell w/ Velvet Pouch
Rudolph Sleigh Bell w/ Velvet Pouch
A Real Brass Bell sent directly from Rudolph!
Comes in Velvet Pouch with foil accented
story card! A true childhood keepsake!
New for 2013 season!

2013 Authentic Swatch of Santa's Suit™
2013 Authentic Swatch of Santa's Suit™
These Collector "Santa Swatches" are actual pieces of Santa's Magical red suit! Each one is signed and numbered and in limited quantity. Only 437 Collector Cards available!

Mrs. Claus' Famous Sugar Cookie™
Mrs. Claus' Famous Sugar Cookie™
A delicious sugar cookie sent with love from Mrs. Claus! Comes in collector's tin!
Your child will know why this is
Santa's favorite snack!
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Genuine North Pole Pine Tree Seed™
Genuine North Pole Pine Tree Seed™
This magical little envelope contains a
handmade paper tree that contains a real
Pine Tree Seed! Just plant the paper tree and a
very special Pine Tree will grow!

Genuine Reindeer Food in Collector's Tin™
Genuine Reindeer Food in Collector's Tin™
A collector's tin filled with Magical Reindeer Food for Rudolph and the gang! Your child will have a blast sprinkling it out on the lawn Christmas Eve. (Feeds 8-10 Reindeer)

Genuine North Pole Postage / Stamp
Genuine North Pole Postage / Stamp
Package is addressed directly to your child! Ships with Genuine Santa Return Address Label and authentic North Pole Stamp! Santa Claus IS REAL, this will eliminate ANY doubt!

FREE! 2013 Personalized Santa Video!
FREE! 2013 Personal Video Greeting from Santa!
Free! Personalized Video from
Santa himself! High quality footage
of the big guy speaking directly to
your child! And, it's FREE!
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All New 2013 Red Box with Custom Artwork
All New 2013 Red Box with Custom Artwork
Your child is going to flip when they get this bright red box in the mail! The inside is illustrated with a full color scene of the Arthur painting a North Pole picture!

60 day, No Questions Asked, Return Policy!

Just send it back within 60 days and 100% of your purchase price will be refunded… no questions asked!

We are the ONLY Santa Letter site on the net to stand by such a bold guarantee.


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