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Amaze Your Child This Christmas!
... for as Little as $14.95
The experience and memories of a good Santa Letter can last a lifetime, for both the children and the parents.

Every child WANTS to believe, but let's face it, the kids today are much smarter
and often demand more proof than just simple letters from Santa. Even if letters
from Santa Claus did work, the time it takes just to create one, get the envelopes,
paper, stamps, and ensure it's properly mailed can be more time than the average
parent even has.

Now there is a foolproof package that Santa Claus himself has put together. It's
a very special package containing the personalized Santa letter that is sent to only
the very best boys and girls. It's a treasure chest of authentic, custom Santa Claus
goodies, sent right to your child!

The whole package of proof is waiting with YOUR CHILD'S NAME ON IT! Each
package contains the genuine personalized letter from Santa. Order Now
Thousands of Customers Nationwide Agree...
"Package From Santa is #1!"
"My 6yr old daughter was besides herself with her letter from Santa and told everyone! She couldn't believe Santa knew so much about her. She showed everyone! BEST YEAR YET!"
-Renee O'Donnell Chicago, Illinois
"My daughter was elated with her letter from Santa. It was easy, quick and had a powerful impact!"
-Cori Peters Statesville, North Carolina
"The package from Santa was great! My son is 9 and now he still believes! He was very excited that Santa knew so much about him! Thank you."
-Denise Cornwell-Bruce Stockton, California
"I have never seen a gift like this in my life! It put me in tears to see the excitement on her face. Thank you!!"
- Susan Mani Hickory Hills, Illinois
READ some of the THOUSANDS of positive reviews we get from our wonderful customers every holiday season!
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Order any Santa Letter Package, and you’ll have the option to add additional Santa items during checkout... at special pricing! See below.

2013 Thank You Note from Santa™

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2013 Santa Evidence Kit™

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Magic North Pole Snow™

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*Available with Platinum Package only

Personalized Gift Tags From Santa™

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2013 Santa on Vacation Postcard™

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Personalized Birthday Call from Santa

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Santa Claus has spared no expense with the top of the line PLATINUM Package! Shipped in a high quality, bright red box! Kids flip when they see this package come in the mail with their name on it!

Addressed with a special Elf shipping label, a real North Pole postage stamp and an authentic return address label from Santa's workshop!

Watch as their little hands tremble with excitement as they eagerly try to get this package open. They're going to be very surprised! Click here to order the PLATINUM Package now!

All Packages Ship With:
All Personalized Letters from Santa Claus ship with Gold Foil Shipping Label!
Special Elf Shipping Label
with Handwriting Text!
Letters from Santa ship with Real Stamp From North Pole!
Real North Pole
Postage Stamp!
Letters from Santa ship with Santa Return Address Label!
Authentic Gold Foil Return Address Label!
Personalized Letters from santa

Your child's Personalized Letter from Santa Claus will arrive in style! The GOLD Package is delivered via first class mail in a glossy, metallic, shiny, gold envelope. (SILVER Package ships in shiny green)

Addressed with a special Elf shipping label, a real North Pole postage stamp and an authentic return address label from Santa's workshop!

Each package is guaranteed to create fond Christmas memories! Click here to order a Personalized Letter from Santa Claus package!

The Best Satisfaction Guarantee in the Business!
Here's Our Famous...
60-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee
It’s extremely important to us that all customers are 100% Satisfied
with their child’s custom “Package From Santa”. We offer a 60-day, no-questions-asked return
policy. If you or your child are not completely stunned by your Custom Package From Santa,
you may simply send it back and receive 100% of your purchase price.
No Questions Asked.
Letters from Santa

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