"I have never seen a gift like this in my life! It was better then I expected!!!! I wish this was around when i was a child. It left such a GREAT impression on my Daughter, that she really believes in Santa now. She had her doubt, but not any more! It put me in tears to see the excitement on her face. I thought it was great to see Santa knew a lot of detail about my daughter. Thats what made her BELIEVE!!! Thank You!! Keep up the Great work!!! After All, Somebody has to play SANTA!"

Susan Mani
Hickory Hills, Illinois

"As grandparents we were so tickled to see and hear the excitement in our grandson. He was so shocked to received the gift from Santa and to show letters and pictures of what he had received just made it more real for him. I'm sure he will never forget it. Everything was such great quality we will be looking forward in using PackageFromSanta.com year after year. Thank You for having something like this for our little ones. We've told many about the package. It arrived in no time, It was a pleasure dealing with the company, We will for sure use PackageFromSanta.com again, The memories are priceless. We are so looking forward in using you again next X-mas We're very satisfied We appreciate what you have to offer for our grandkids WOW the smiles. Thank you!"

Neil and Roberta Tebbutt
Fowlerville, Michigan

"The Santa Letter I did for him the previous year was not personal and was not at all special like the Santa package I got from PackagefromSanta.com. I got the Deluxe Package for my 6year old son and on Christmas eve he found the bright red box in the fireplace. I have never seen him smile so big when he opened it and saw all the things Santa had sent him. He loved getting the reindeer oats and he left them out for all the reindeer next to santa's cookies and milk. Christmas morning we woke up to reindeer oats all over the carpet and in the fireplace! "Those reindeer made such a mess Mom" he told me! PERFECT! Thank you for keeping us all believing! Don't change a thing it is perfect!"

Nancy Goodwin
San Antonio, Texas

"My son loved the delivery of a beautiful, red box with HIS name on the front! When we opened the box, the tissue paper made it feel all the more "gifty". He was amazed that the Santa letter had his personal info & mentioned his best friend & knew he homeschooled. The reindeer food was a BIG hit & he also was amazed at the Santa suit piece."

Heather Williams
Flower Mound, Texas

"Thank you PackageFromSanta for putting the biggest smile on my little girls face the day it came in the mail. The shiny red envelope really caught her eye as I got the mail and when she recognized her name she could not wait to open it up. We read that letter 10 times within the next hour and 10 more times after her Daddy got home, she even took it to school the next day for "show and share". We will definitely be back next year. It was a great experience for me."

Dawn Murray
Auburn, Kansas

"The package from Santa was worth every dime - we had purchased the "Deluxe" - arrived quickly. My granddaughter loved the Reindeer food, went immediately to the patio to spread it for the deer - needless to say - her two dog's enjoyed it. After that her mother put oatmeal out there- she thought for sure that the reindeer had come. Took her personalized letter to PreSchool - cause her friends name was on it. Thank you for making a 3 3/4 yr old little girl happy."

Theresa Virgin
Shelby Township, Michigan

"I bought these for my niece and nephew. The kids were amazed that Santa knew so much about them. They were excited b/c they had just sent their letters to the North Pole... My only dilemma-his year I'll have more kids to buy for. You've got me hooked. And I've already told other parents. My sister has told everyone in her kids' classes, too. Thanks so much!!"

Rachel Prest
Cranston, Rhode Island

"My 6yr old daughter was so amazed that she told everyone! Couldn't believe Santa knew so much about her. She showed everyone! BEST YEAR YET!"

Renee O'Donnell
Chicago, Illinois

"My daughter who is 3 was totally estatic when she saw the letter from Santa.. it was amazing and my son as I said before thought I lost my mind completely as he is 17... I told him that no matter what his age that he would receive a letter from Santa.. he laughed! I know it meant alot to him although he'll never admit it! But seriously, it was excellent! As long as I can keep the spirit of Santa alive in my daughter, yes, I will be back! keep up the good work, it is priceless to see a childs face light up when you read the letter to them from Santa. Thank you."

Marianne Caserta
Sewell, New Jersey

"My niece is 9 years old. This is her 5th year to receive a letter from Santa. Several friends have tried to sway her belief in Santa over that past year and she has had questions but I believe this letter purged any doubts she might have had. The magic of Christmas is truly through the wonder and excitement of our children!"

Shannon Forish
Lexington, Kentucky

"The santa and rudolph letters and certificate of niceness were amazing. My daughter's face lit up when she read them. Everything was wonderful. I cannot describe how excited my daughter was when she received the package. I have recommended PackageFromSanta.com to my friends with children."

Cindy Brackett
Kearneysville, West Virginia


Duane Evans
Hayes, Virginia

"My 9 year old twins were beginning to doubt the existance of "Santa". This letter made them believe for atleast another year! The reactions that they had to the shinny red envelope was worth every penny! My daughters best friends name was included in the letter and her mom asked me to send her daughter one because the girls could not stop talking about the letter. One of the greatest parts of the letter which was repeated over and over was "Santa's first stop will...) That was great! Everything was wonderful."

Joann Waski
Riverhead, New York

"When I saw the pure excitement in my two boys eyes as they carefully opened their Package from Santa I knew they still beleived. The boys were so eager to read the letters Santa had sent them to our entire family, I had to act quick and order a package from Santa for there cousin's as well! Package from Santa was just what we needed to make my children's holiday unforgetable! This will be a tradition for our family! Many Thanks, Kera Drabick"

Kera Drabick
Frederick, Maryland

"I was very happy with the experience. Please send reminder I know I'll forget by next Christmas my son will be 4 next year & I know he will be even more excited"

Corrine Lombardi
Putnam Valley, New York

"My daughter is 3 and was hearing from friends that Santa was not real. When she received this package she was amazed at how much Santa knew about her. I will be back to order every year to make sure the magic continues."

Rebecca Neumeyer
Patchogue, New York

"I truly enjoyed the experiece I had with my child and my niece helping them to embrace the wonder of Santa this Christmas. Now a days children no longer believe but this product gave a new vision and loving imagination to the children and adults in my family. Thank you packagefromsanta.com"

Tanielle Parker
Washington, DC

"Carey was amazing! She emailed me right back after my first inquiry and continued to keep in touch until the package was received. The Customer service was top notch, the package was great. My daughter Julie was so excited she took her package to school to share with her friends and class. It was amazing to watch her smile and squeal (she's 6 years old). Thank you so much for making Christmas so special for our household. I've never been so pleased with an internet purchase in my life! I will be back even after my child no longer believes in Santa! Just please keep it going! And give Carey a raise, she was so wonderful, great personality, amazing service.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Crystal Duggins
Burlington, Vermont

"My son is 9 years old and recently said he was not convinced that Santa exists. When his box from Santa arrived, he was absolutely thrilled and I could tell he completely believed! He told all his friends about his box! Next year might be a different story, but this year I couldn't have done it without PackageFromSanta.com! My son is 9 years old and is at the point of not believing...this package helped...I HOPE we can use you again next year!"

Christine Wilhelm
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

"I ordered it late, but my son still got his letter on Christmas Eve! Awesome! Some of my son's friends don't believe in Santa. Last year he really wanted to believe, but he was on the fence. When he received his official letter from Santa, he just couldn't believe it! He is now completely in the "believers" camp. Receiving the letter made Christmas so much more fun for him - and his parents. Thanks for the great idea and the awesome product!"

Julie Emery
Salt Lake City, Utah

"My 3 girls absolutely loved the letters they got in the mail. I think that receiving them by mail adds to the excitment.. The shiney envelope was great."

Ron Hickman
Midlothian, Virginia

"Actually it worked out great..my son was sick with strep throat and home from school very sick when the package arrived..it made it even more special. The PackageFromSanta was awesome..it made my 8 year old son a true believer in Santa. My son now says he totally believes in Santa because he has proof, but he's not so sure about the Easter Bunny because he has no proof! :) Thanks for making my son a "true believer"...it makes Christmas so magical when they believe...Dylan told EVERYONE about his red package from Santa"

Michele Buzbee
Springfield, Virginia

"The elapsed time from placing the order to it being received was prompt and surprising especially at Christmas time."

Karen Bliss
Hollbrook, New York

"My kids loved their letters. From the shiny red envelope to the personalized letter, they both loved receiving their letters. Already have it marked on my calendar to place an order."

Stacey Nelson
Aliso Viejo, California

"I was great to see my sons eyes when he saw a package from santa. He was totally thrilled and in amazement how santa knew his friends names and what he did this year...It was wonderful to keep the magic alive. Keep up the good work!"

Richard Garrett
Sterling, Virginia

"Thank you so much for giving my son a great treat from Santa! The look on his face was priceless! I will definitely be back next year and will sing praises for your website to all I know!"

Tara Walker
Fontana, California

"My son is 7 years old - starting to wonder if there is a Santa. When he received the letter from Santa, he was so excited. Then, when he saw the letter from Rudolph, he could not believe it. He told me that now he knows for sure there is a Santa! Thank you so much!!"

Jennifer Lijewski
Casper, Wyoming

"The letter was awesome, with the way personal information about John was included, it was just like the saying "Santa is watching you!" It was a tuff year with his age and other children not believeing anymore, and he was about to give up. but the letter from Santa changed it and he is still a believer in Santa Claus Today! I think the Santa Letter was perfect!!!! This package was put together very nicely, had more believeable information!!!! It was great!"

Sandy Cristini
San Diego, California

"The Letters from Santa were absolutely wonderful! The 4 & 5 year old granddaughters were ecstatic and took their packages to school to share. When one of the children was being reprimanded by her parents about being good for Santa she told them so matter of factly that she knew she was good because she had a certificate to prove it! I plan to order again next year and am anxious for them to receive their vacationing postcard this summer from Santa.i"

Deanne Turner
Ochlocknee, Georgia

"The Santa letter was very 'authentic looking' and arrived only a few days after I ordered it. I really like how it was personalized for my daughter, she is 8 and starting to doubt Santa a little bit and this reinforced her belief, she was amazed. The packaging that it arrived in was beautiful and the postage from the North Pole was a nice touch. Arrived promptly, the letter was good quality & looked 'authentic' I was very pleased & my daughter loved it. The packaging was a nice touch. I'll be ordering a Letter from Santa again next year. Thank you!"

Christine Barton
Portland, Oregon

"My 6-yr. old granddaughter was disappointed in the mall's Santa as he told her he could only leaave her four toys. She thought this meant that she wasn't a good girl during the year. When the 'Nice Certificate' arrived, she was elated. Also, she was really into Rudolph (from Build-A-Bear) this year and his photo with hoof print topped the cake. I might add, the personal comments in the Letter from Santa were really important. Thanks for the service you provide."

Betty LeBrescu
Hot Springs, Arkansas

"My son was very excited that Santa sent him a letter and said that he was going to make Dimondale his very first stop. I have never seen his eyes get so big as when he saw the letter from Santa."

Nanci Goble
Dimondale, Michigan

"I have 2 small girls and 2 small neigbor boy who we also got your pakages for and the awe and joy they got got when they received their pakages was beyond words. From the beginng to the end my experiance with your company was a pleasure."

Frank Wright
Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

"It was very easy to use. I became worried when it didn't arrive as early as I expected, but the customer service and the response time was terrific. My daughter is already looking forward to her letter from Santa next year. My daughter was thrilled with the letter. Thank you!"

Jennifer Sweeney
Decatur, Alabama

"My daughter was elated. It was easy, quick and had a powerful impact."

Cori Peters
Statesville, North Carolina

"High quality product and asthetically and tactile pleasing: Beautiful red shiny envelope, High stock paper (frameable),Well written and attention to detail."

Mrs. Fil MacArthur
Georgetown, Massachussetts

"I was thrilled with the package from Santa. My greatest joy was watching my grandson as he opened his letter. He was so excited. He was amazed by the Rudolph letter and footprint, and brought it to my attention that that was from Rudolph when he was a baby. He loved the letter from Santa."

Jaquelyn Donley
Royal Oak, Mchigan

"The package from Santa was great...my son is 9 and he still believes. I think these letters are a wonderful idea. My son was very excited that Santa know so much about him the year before. Thank you."

Denise Cornwell-Bruce
Stockton, California

"I wanted to do something special for my nephew who is 7 this year, as he had a tough year, and he's still at a good age for Santa things. I placed the order online on the very last day, and was very happy that it came in time before Christmas. He was very excited, and amazed that Santa know the name of his best friend and the other activities he's involved in. Thank you for helping make this Christmas special."

Michelle Trent
Virginia Beach, Virginia

"It couldn't have been better timing. Just seeing the look on my daughters face when she opened it was priceless!! I will definitely order again. I was very pleased with ordering the letter from Santa. I wish that every parent could see the amazement and excitement that it brings to a childs face!! I will definitely upgrade my package for this coming year for my daughter, and as will be starting this new great tradition with our son this year! Thank you again for putting that extra spark of delight and excitement into a childs eyes at Christmas!! Of course, not forgetting the real reason for the season!"

Melissa Johnson
Maryville, Tennessee

"I just wanted to say what a wonderful service this is for parents who still want to keep the spirit of Santa alive! My daughter is 9 yrs old and she was starting to question Santa's existence, so when I found this website I was thrilled! Not only did this confirm that there really is a Santa but for me it confirmed that the innocence of a child can still be preserved for a little while longer:) The look on my daughter's face was priceless. I'll definitely come back next year! Thanks so much!"

Sureida Gonzalez
Niceville, Florida

"My son was thrilled. As he gets older, I have to be more crafty to keep him believing. It was nice that you could personalize the letter and he totally believed it. The letter was torn which was a bit disappointing but my son automatically said, 'Mom, it came all the way from the North Pole.' So maybe it was meant to be. Thank you for the amazement in my child. You made his day and week. He showed all the family and friends."

Pamela Hickey
Orlando, Florida

"Thank you so much for making my children's Christmas even more special. To see their eyes light up and listen to the excitement in their voices was just priceless. I will continue to order from this website each year, hoping to keep the magic of Christmas and Santa alive for-ever!! I have and will continue to recommend your website to all of my friends and family."

Stephanie Cullen
Joliet, Illinois

"When my son came to the mailbox with me and saw a shiny red envelope in the mail, he knew right away that it must be from Santa. His face lit up and he wanted to open it right there at the mailbox. He was so excited. When it mentions his friends name, color of his eyes & favorite color, he thought it was so cool. He had to show all of his friends & our family! We were very happy with the letter and the packaging. Thank you so much."

Kerin Sudtell
Saugus, California

"My daughter was ill the day the bright, shiny red envelope arrived with Santa's letter and the letter certainly lifted her spirits! She now knows Santa truly is magical! Consider us a customer for years to come! After friends & family seeing the envelope & letter, they are sure to use your site in years to come as well. Thank you!"

Angela Andrist
Pine Island, Minnesota

"My son was so amazed and happy, he told all of his friends at school and was so proud of seeing that he was in the nice list and that he received a certificate for that! He was thrilled. We will definitely order next year!"

Carol M Rosa-Luiggi
Antioch, Tennessee

"Package from santa was better than my expectations. I have previously ordered from online companies and did not receive the shipment prior to Christmass. This made me very caution with order a second time, however Package from santa restored my confidence. I will never order from anyone else. Thanks so much package from santa:)"

Maria McPherson
Chadburn, North Carolina

"The letter arrived on a Saturday and my daughter was the one to get the mail...the expression on her face was priceless! Prompt delivery appreciated! The letter from Santa was perfectly presented in a beautiful shiny red envelope that made the holiday magic explode! The letter was professionally written and each letter ( I ordered two for each daughter ) was personalized and unique. This was the best Christmas because of this extra special surprise from Santa himself! Absolutely worth every penny and then some! The delight, awe, and wonder was pouring out of my girls! They absolutely loved it!!!"

Andrea Halliwell
Tucson, Arizona

"This package really lit my children's faces up. Especially the letter from Rudolph! Thanks. My children were so excited with the letters and certficiates. They were able to take them to school and share with the teacher and class. Even they got excited! Thanks for bringing smiles to so many faces. Happy New Year!"

Mark Graybeal
Conowingo, Maryland

"It was a wonderful feeling as a mom and dad to see the wonderful smile on her face when she opened the letter. I am really glad that we decided to order from PackageFromSanta.com it was a wonderful experience. It couldn't have arrived at a better time thank-you. My daughter could not have been any more excited than she was when she opened the letter. Thank you to everyone who was involved in the making of this letter. Everything was great!"

Louisville, Kentucky

"My son was so amazed and happy, he told all of his friends at school and was so proud of seeing that he was in the nice list and that he received a certificate for that! He was thrilled. We will definitely order next year!"

Carol M Rosa-Luiggi
Antioch, Tennessee

"Grandson loved the letter from Santa. He was amazed that Santa knew his best friends name and his favorite gift from the year before."

Shellie Rebbert
Baltimore, Maryland

"It was a great experience!"

Colleen Dellomoi
Hollbrook, New York

"It was wonderful! My daughter was amazed at the shiny envelope the letter came in. She notices the details in everything. She couldn't believe Santa knew and remembered the things that were mentioned in the letter. She was very excited and called 5 people to read the letter to them. Thanks for helping me do something special for my daughter. I even had a few friends order too!"

Kiplyn Diaz
Marrero, Louisiana

"Some of our boy's friends have been telling him there's no such thing as Santa. He was delighted to provide them with proof they were wrong! To my surprise, the certificate pleased him even more than the letter from Santa. It seems he had some doubts as to whether he had been good this year."

Stephen Pake
Los Angeles, California

"My son loved the letter from Santa! It mad me happy to see him so happy!"

Joey Martin
Sahuarita, Arizona

"The letter was a huge hit with my kids, 6 & 9. Neither of them would admit that they ever had any "doubts" about Santa, but after getting the letters, they were absolute believers! They called everyone they could think of -- and my son was so relieved to know he was on the nice list. He was beaming each time he read it or thought about it! We'll treasure the letters and memories forever."

Sondra Nicole Ritchie
Memphis, Tennessee

"My daughter Tyler loved her letter from Santa she thought it was the greatest.My Husband and I we're happy to be able to replace her first letter which was lost in NewOrleans during hurricane Katrina.It was really nice to to see the excitement on her face when she saw that beautiful red package addressed to her. Thank you for making it possible."

Todd Henry
Magnolia, Mississippi

"The Santa Package exceeded our expectations. Everything in it was authentic from the North Pole! Thank you Santa."

James Krewson
Columbia, Mossouri

"It was great. Very simple, affordable and the quality I received was nice."

Jessica Stansell
Keller, Texas

"The was fantastic!!!! My sone was so amazed!! I will order here every year!!!"

Christa Cavender
Lynchburg, Virginia

"It was so great! My granddaughter loved it. Kept saying "I can't believe Santa sent this to me!" "I'm so happy." She took it to school to show it off. She was so proud. Said we had to take reindeer food up on the roof."

Deborah Knauff
Spring Hill, Florida

"I was extremely happy with the items my children received from PackageFromSanta.com. My daughter is almost 10 and she's really starting doubt Santa but the package really got her back in the spirit."

Rachel Roberson
Parish, Florida

"I received this package in a timely matter. My daughter is only 2 and is just getting into Santa. She absolutely loved the red envelope and was excited that Santa did send her something. I will be back next year!"

Krista Christian
Norfolk, New England

"I chose your site because I loved the look of the letter. It arrived just before Christmas and was a perfect keepsake for my 1-year old daughter. We'll definately keep this tradition up. Just a note that my daughter is only 1 so she wasn't excited or not excited...she was just amazed with the envelope."

Desiree Hobson
Kent, Washington

"My 3 1/2 year old son loved it and showed it off to everyone! We will definitely be back next year! I may even order the Deluxe package next year based on my son's reaction this year!"

Robin Trumbo
Swoope, Virginia

"The letter was very impressive. The details about the child are what makes it extremely believable to a skeptical 4 year old. Having his friend Jesse's name in it and the present Santa sent last year, put it over the top."o

Renee Salmon
Mechanicsville, Virginia

"My two boys was ecstatic! They were jumping around in amazement. The letters made a firm believer out of my somewhat skeptical 7 year old."

Katherine Green
Dallas, Georgia

"My 6yr old daughter was besides herself and told everyone. Couldn't believe Santa knew so much about her. She showed everyone! BEST YEAR YET!"

Renee O'Donnell
Chicago, Illinois

"MY son was so amazed he bragged to everyone how he was on the nice list and just to see his face made him believe even more!!! I will be buying for probably 4 next year!! The box and what is in it says it all. Thank you and I will pass the word around about your services! THANK YOU so much for the smile on my sons face and the believing that amazed him so much. Thank You"

Tracy Kroah
Belton, Mississippi

"It was great. My daughters were thrilled to get a letter from Santa. The peronalization made it even better. They could not believe that Santa knew so much about them. What a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas!"

Stephanie Radford
Anderson, South Carolina

"My son was so convinced his eyes were sparkling."

Trudy Freda
Saugus, Massachusetts

"My nephew was so excited he cried!"

Tammi Smith Montgomery
Bossier City, Louisiana

"We were thrilled with the pretty envelope and the letter....loved the personalization of the letters. My 6 year old daughter especially loved mention of last year's favorite toy. We were very delighted with the letter & red envelope--the letter was loved by our children. I will definitely be ordering from this company again."

Jacqueline Labbott
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin


Theresa Jackson
Jamestown, New York

"Danielle was so surprised, she is 8 yrs old and kids at school have been talking so, this just made her believe that much more. Just to see the look on her face when she read who the package was from made it worth every penny it cost. Thank you very much."

Betty Jones
Dalton, Georgia

" Our three children (ages 9,5 and 3) could not believe their eyes when the huge red shiny envelope arrived in the mail! The personalized letters for just written to perfection, each one being different from the other...it added to so much excitement to their Christmas countdown. Thanks so much for making the season that much brighter!"

Lynne Resnick
Ansonia, Connecticut

"My son was so excited, he read the entire letter himself. He seemed to be most amazed that Santa was visiting our hometown first!! I was worried that that would trip things up a bit with all of the Santa tracking going on over the web and on tv, but it didn't present a problem. He has even framed it and hung it in his room. No changes needed, it was great! Thanks"

Maria Wolfe
Lansing, Mchigan

"Joshua (5)knew the minute he saw the shiny red envelope that it was special. He ran in place while reading the letter and looked up at me with amazement and said, " Mommy, Santa knows all about me!" He immediately hung Santa's picture on the wall in his room."

Lori Kelley
Douglasville, Georgia

"My daughter loved her Package from Santa. She is 10 and was on the verge of not believing anymore and the package gave her faith in Santa again. She went to school and told all the kids who no longer believe that Santa is real and she has a package to prove it. Now all her friends want to believe too!"

Anna Dean
New Albany, Indiana

"My 4 year old daughter LOVED her Santa package - she was amazed at how Santa knew so much about her likes, best friend, etc. She also thought the Nice Certificate was really cool. The whole family enjoyed the CD - it really did sound like we were all at the North Pole! Thank you for such a great product - it was wonderful to see the excitement on my daughter's face! She told everyone about it!"

Shannon Turner
Winchester, Virginia

"My daughter was truly amazed at the package itself and then was even more excited as she saw each individual item contained in the box!"

Carol Aiosa
Bayside, New York

"I ordered the basic letter for my 3-year old grandson. He was absolutely excited. He had to call me right away to tell me he got a letter from Santa. He carried it around for days, made sure it went back in the envelope every time someone else looked at it. He was so very happy. I will definitely order one for him and his baby brother next year."

Kathy Adams
Baltimore, Maryland

"This was an enjoyable experience for my son. A couple of days before receiving his package from the North Pole my son had a tonsilectomy. When he received his package it help brighten his day a little. Thank you!!"

Jennifer Collins
Fairport, New York

"My daughter was thrilled with her Package from Santa. She couldn't believe her eyes. It made for a great Christmas surprise! Sincerely."

Julie L. O'Connor
Watertown, Massachusetts

"I love the fact that you can send differently worded letters to children in the same family, making them so much more special."

Linda Pierce
Springville, Indiana

"My Daughter was thrilled. It's great!"

Lisa Mills
Champlin, Minnesota

"I think everything was very well done, I seem no need for improvement, I am very happy i spent the extra money and made a very special christmas for my son kevin."

Karen Hertz
Sterling Hts, Michigan

"My daughter wanted to make sure that we kept everything for her scrapbook - she loved the entire package!"

Kelly Lynch
Sleepy Hollow, New York

"Thank you for making our holiday tradition even more special this year!!! This was my first experience ordering with PackageFromSanta.com and I have to say it was perfect! The letter is always the selling point - but you were over the top with the letter from Rudolph! Although I ordered the letters for my two daughters late, both received an individualized letter within 5 days of placing the order! They loved everything from the beautiful red envelope, to the letter's from Santa and Rudolph to the Nice Certificate! Bravo for a job well done! We will be back for Christmas 2008."

Shuri James
San Carlos, California

" Our six year old son was amazed that he 'made it' on to the "Nice List" and that Santa had paid attention to all the positive things that he had done all year. We will be using this service again next year and highly recommend that other parents choose PackageFromSanta.com for their child. The arrival of the package will at least guarantee "good" behavior until Christmas day! :)"

Donna Appold
Carp Lake, Michigan

"It was just great! Our son is 4 and he was so surprised to get the Northpole mail. It was just fun seeing him react to the letter. We believe it made his day and a Christmas for him to remember. We have a new arrival in July so Santa will be around for a long time."

Dennis Cox
Wichita, Kansas

"I loved it, and so did my daughter!"

Melissa Gaunder
Albuquerque, New Mexico

"The package was wonderful. It really was wonderful to see their faces light up!"

Amy Beauregard
Lowell, North Carolins

"My son was so excited when he saw the red box! He said, 'Daddy, I think that box is from Santa!' We were extremely happy with the 'PackageFromSanta.com'. My three year old son was absolutely thrilled to get this package from santa."

Bridgett Shampang-Adams
Durham, Connecticut

"My children were so amazed at the shiny red envelope they received in the mail. They were even more excited when they opened it. I couldn't have been more pleased with the quality of the letter, certificate and pictures. It will be something we will cherish forever!"

Stephanie Cardenas
Buda, Texas

"I have an 8-year-old who is in the stage of maybe/maybe not about Santa, so I sent her the package. She got it with her father, and I wasn't home. But she was so crazy about that, she couldn't wait to open it.So, we opened it and she was like, "This is proof! This is proof!" And she, unbeknownst to us, took the letter from Santa, put it in her book bag, and took it to school to show all of the kids, to make sure they saw the proof too. And the little kid, the boy Gracen, who was included in the letter, was so excited, they made a pact, because it said the first to come to our city, they made a pact that they'd be in bed very early, which made it very easy for the parents. Thanks again for the great package. I look forward to next year. Thank you."

Kelly Martin
Waxahachie, Texas

"I wanted to say how happy we were with the letter from Santa. My little brother is 10. I am a bit older than that. My dad had called and said that my little brother was starting to have doubt in Santa Claus and the existence of Santa Claus. And that's always been such a big part of our life growing up. So, I went online and found this service, and put in all of the information. The letter arrived about a week after my little brother had sent a letter to Santa asking about his existence. So, the timing was amazing. When he called me when he got the letter ' oh gosh, I'm crying ' he read it with such conviction and excitement in his voice, that it made my Christmas. So, thank you very much for this really great program. I don't know if we'll be using it again, because I think this might have bought us one more year. So, we'll see. Thanks again. It's a great program."

Tammy Foster
Lake Elsinore, California

"I ordered 6 packages for all 6 of my children, and it was absolutely amazing to watch them open the packages. All the things were a lot of fun, the pictures were great quality, and my children are very excited, hoping that they're going to get a package from Santa next year. I can tell you they definitely will. Thank you so much for what you do and all the care that you put into your packages. And also, I want to say I contacted customer service because I had made a mistake on getting one of the discounts, and they were right on top of it. They helped me immediately, and I got my refund for the difference the next day. So, I am extremely pleased with all aspects of your service. Thank you."

Michelle Bedod
Windham, New Hampshire

"I just wanted to call and say that my 10-year-old niece absolutely loved the Package From Santa. She was especially impressed with the piece of his jacket from the year before, and she loved the letter from Rudolph because Rudolph is her favorite reindeer. But she was absolutely thrilled with it. She took it to school, she showed it to everybody. I just couldn't be happier with how excited she was about it. And we'll be doing it again for her next year. So, thanks so much. It was the greatest gift we could have ever given her. Have a nice day."

Christine Zackard
Stratford, New Jersey

"We want to thank you for the letters from PackageFromSanta.com. The children loved them. They especially loved the red, shiny envelopes the letters came in. They saved those, along with the letters. So, thank you and we hope to be customers again. Bye-bye."

Stacy Cooler
Charlotte, North Carolina

"The day that the package came, my granddaughter had previously written a letter to Santa a couple of weeks before. She came home from school that day and she started asking questions about Santa and told me that she thought that she had been naughty sometimes this year, that she was going to get coal in her stocking. So when we went to check the mail and found the package in it, she was so excited when she seen that gift certificate, because she really thought Santa was going to leave her coal. So, it was amazing timing, and she is very happy with everything that came in the package. Thank you for the time that you took to put it together."

Rebecca Summers
Hillsboro, Oregon

"The Package From Santa was quite the delight for Gina. It just so happened we were at the post office to mail a package, and the postmaster told Gina that a special delivery arrived for her from the North Pole. She was so excited, but she didn't want to open it at the post office. She wanted to come home, in front of her tree, and open it at the tree. She opened the letter. She received the letter and the personalized CD. She opened the letter and she was completely amazed. Her favorite thing was that he knew she had brown eyes and he knew that her favorite color was bluish-green. So, it made her feel super, super special. Gina's 7 now, and hopefully she'll believe again next year, and we're definitely going to have another letter. It was perfect, perfect, perfect. She still has it on the piano, and looks at it nearly every day."

Dawn Menkey
Sycamore, Pennsylvania

"My daughter loved her package. It was great. I'll be sure that I will do it again. It was wonderful. She loved the reindeer food. She'd never seen anything like that before. I was lucky to find you, when I Googled for something like this. I appreciate everything. Thank you so much. Bye-bye."

Melissa Gaunder
Albuquerque, New Mexico

"The day my daughter got her package, she was so excited. Her face just lit up. She had to take it to school the next day, to show everyone that she got a letter from Santa, and a few of the things on the list, of course, she did end up getting from Santa. She was just so excited, it just made everything so magical for her. Thank you. "

Lindsay Reed
Barleston, Texas

"My 9-year-old daughter still believes in Santa, and this was an awesome experience for her. It may be the last Christmas that we have where we can pull something like this off. Everything in it was top-quality and very exciting for my daughter. But she enjoyed everything. Thank you very much. My one-year-old will certainly be receiving a package from Santa in the future. Keep up the good work and the quality of your product is unmatched. Thank you. Bye-bye."

JoLynne Sullivan
Camphill, Pennsylvania

"My son was ecstatic when he got the letter in the mail, and the box and everything. It was just priceless to see his face."

Doreen Gardner
Indianpolis, Indiana

"My son was amazed with the package. He wanted to take it to school, show it off to all of his friends. It was the best package Santa could ever send him. He loved the reindeer food. Christmas Eve, he was out sprinkling it around in all different areas, to make sure there was enough for all of the reindeer. It was just incredible. Thank you so much for your great work. "

Channa Solerno
Sylmar, California

"I was calling to let you guys know that this package really made my son believe in Santa even more. He was so amazed when he opened up your box and saw the letter from Santa, saw that he was on the good list. He bragged about it to his sister. He took it to school. He took the reindeer food outside. We went and saw Santa's workshop somewhere else down here, and he told them that he had the real Santa food for the reindeer, that he had sent him. He was just really amazed. The look on his face and his eyes about Christmas now just did it. I will definitely be buying a box next year from Santa, and also probably buying one for my niece and nephew next year. So please, continue to send me surveys or continue to send me feedback stuff about what you guys are doing throughout the year to get ready for next year. We'll be more than happy to read on it and pass it on to other people. It was just an amazing, amazing thing that you guys do. I am just so happy to know that people out there like you are doing stuff for children like this. I wish my mom could have afforded stuff like this when I was little. I can't really afford it, but the package is worth every dime, and I will do this next year, I don't care if I have to scrape for money. I will scrape money to buy a box for my son. I hope you guys have a wonderful year, and thank you so much for all you do for children. Bye!"

Tracy Kroah
Delton, Missouri

"I ordered it for my 7-year-old sister. When she got it, she was so excited to see her cousin's name in there, in the letter from Santa. But her favorite part was the Rudolph letter and how he got the baby picture. And the first thing she said when she called was, 'Guess what?! I have a letter from Rudolph, and Rudolph is real!' She was just so happy. I will be using you guys again for my brother and my sister. Thank you, and have a great day."

Brittany Washington
Federal Way, Washington

"You're doing a great job. The package was wonderful. My granddaughter loved the package. The CD was great, the pictures were great. She just loves it, still carries it around. I would recommend this package to anybody. We had to take the reindeer food up on the roof, to feed the reindeers. The story that Santa read was wonderful. She carried the picture of Santa around all the time. She still shows people. It's a wonderful item, and I would recommend it to anybody. I can't wait to see next year's package. Keep up the good work. "

Debra Knauff
Spring Hill, Florida

"I was very pleased with the packaging. This is my first time ordering. My daughter is 7, and she was excited. She was especially excited about the nice certificate that proved to her that she was going to get her special presents from Santa. I have already recommended this site to other parents. It would be nice if there were a way that we could get reminders, if I could get a reminder email, because next year I might not remember this site. Thanks for a great product."

Sandra Parran
Prince Frederick, Maryland

"We had a wonderful experience with the Package From Santa. It came just in time, and my daughter was incredibly happy and quite relieved to see that she got a certificate for being on the nice list. It was a wonderful treat for her and she was very happy. And if she's happy and it puts that magic of Christmas in her eyes, then I'm happy. So, thank you so much. It was a great service."

Lisa Mills
Champlain, Minnesota

"I was delighted to find your website. My daughter had asked for an autographed picture... well, actually just an autograph from Rudolph... and I was delighted when I put in a Google search for an autographed picture of Rudolph and I came up with your website. Then, when I found the package and all of the things inside the package, I was even more delighted and so pleased when my daughter received the package and was running around the house screaming and shaking, trying to open it up, took it to all of her friends to show and was just delighted with it. I will definitely be using your website again, to give as gifts to other friends, as my daughter may be getting too old for it. But we'll see. Hopefully, one more year we can do it for my daughter, as well. Thanks, again."

Charlie Rushock
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

"I wanted to let you all know this was my first time ordering. I was actually referred by my brother-in-law. And I think it's a really great idea that you all came up with for the children. My daughter was so excited. I mean, she was amazed. Her eyes just popped out because she was surprised to receive a letter from Santa. Plus the Reindeer, and the certificate, and a photograph. She had show and tell at school. She had to bring it so she could show everyone. It was really, really a good idea! Her best part, she liked when Santa told her that since she was a good girl all year, that he was going to stop in Slidell first, so that made her feel very special. And that she was going to continue to be a good girl, so that he can come to her first every year. So I just want to say thank you. Keep up doing what you're doing for the kids. If there are any other ideas that I may come up with that can help you, I will. But in the mean time, just keep doing what you're doing. Thanks!"

Simone Henry
Slidell, Louisiana

"I'd just like to let you know that the Package From Santa was absolutely wonderful. My granddaughter loved it. I also ordered one for my cousin's little girl. She was thrilled to death. I think you're doing a good job. Keep up the good work and see you next year. May God bless."

Lawana Turner
Muldrow, Oklahoma

"I wanted to let you know that I do plan to use the Santa package program every year. It's been a great experience for me and my child. It puts the belief back in Christmas. I look forward to seeing you all next year. Thanks!"

Kelvin Harless
Loris, South Carolina

"This is my first time ordering Package From Santa, but we were very pleased. It was all nicely done, very nice quality, and my son was truly amazed, especially including that Rudolph. He was really into Rudolph the Reindeer this year, and the Rudolph letter just really hit home with that. We definitely would be a return customer. Thank you!"

Dina Elliott
Jackson, Tennesse

"I ordered the letter for my nephew, who's brand new, a new baby in the family. He was only 7 months old. My sister and her husband were so delighted when they received the letter. And, of course, I'm excited because it's a letter that will be in my nephew's baby book forever. And because he is the only baby in the family, we'll be ordering Santa letters for a long time to come. My son's 27 years old, so no Santa letters there. But maybe down the road will be letters for the grandbaby. Anyhow, I was extremely delighted with the customer service and the product, and look forward to ordering again. Thank you!"

Melissa Marsh
Anaheim Hills, California

"I have 3 children, ages 3, 5 and 7, 2 boys and a girl, and they just fell in love with this box. I ordered 3 of the deluxe boxes. All 3 came together, the same day. They were so excited. They brought them to school, showed everybody, and I have recommended this to every person that I know. You guys did a really good job, and looking forward to it this Christmas coming up. So, keep up the good work. Thank you."

Stephanie Tokle
Macomb, Michigan

"I ordered 2 of the letters for my children, and they were absolutely thrilled with them. I will be using your service again next year. I also ordered one for my grandson, and he was pretty thrilled with his, too. So, you guys are doing a great job. Thanks!"

Lisa Andrews-Kime
Oak Lawn, Illinois

"Our Santa letter from PackageFromSanta.com was very well-received by my daughter. She was very excited about it. The details in the letter made it very personalized. Of course, the big red, shiny envelope made it very visually appealing. She was very, very excited about it, and they really added to our holidays. As a matter of fact, she has got it in her room, with her letter from last year that was from another place, of course. But she's still got everything together. She just loved everything about it. Overall, I'd say it was a success, and we look forward to ordering from you again. Thank you."

Joseph Torello
Macon, Georgia

"It was great. My granddaughter loved it. She's only a year and a half old, but it will be a treasure forever. We will definitely use it. I passed your website on to many friends. And after they saw what Caitllyn received, it was wonderful. All the little items inside just took my kid's breath away."

Roberta Gullespie
Rancho Santa Margarita, California

"I just wanted to say that doing the letter with you was so simple, and it made it easy. And I liked the way that the context to each child was different in the same household, yet still personable and got the message across about Santa caring for them and how much he was pleased with them for all of the details that we put in for different occasions and what have you. I will definitely use you all again next year and the year after that, because I also send them to my nieces and nephews as kind of a gift to my brothers and sister at that time of year, which I think is a very nice thing to let them think of Santa. Thank you very much."

Robert Schumaker
Gaithersburg, Maryland

"We really enjoyed ordering the package from Santa. We did the basic, but next year we will upgrade it. We loved the look on our child's face when she opened her package. Our other one we ordered was for our infant, which we put up for him to see later. But we will gladly do this again. We loved the look on their face."

Sonya Thompson
Westin, North Carolina

"I had a letter from Santa, I sent the standard package to my granddaughter. Willow is 4 years old. I was very impressed with the service I'd gotten, from the timeframe it was sent to her. It was in excellent condition. My granddaughter was so thrilled, that she couldn't sleep that night. And she went and woke up the whole neighborhood the next morning to show everyone her letter from Santa. Anyway, I was very pleased with the service and I will continue to send my granddaughter Willow a letter from Santa every year."

Julia Garielle
Crescent City, California

"I just want to tell you that we absolutely loved our Package From Santa. Our daughter thought that the suit was fantastic. She really liked that. She loved the reindeer food and couldn't wait to get it out for the reindeer. But I have to admit her most favorite part was that piece of Santa suit, and she can't wait to see if she gets another piece next year from Santa. Thank you so much for everything you've done for us. We love you. "

Debra Rowe
Newark, Delaware

"I wanted to let you know this Package From Santa is the best. The part where Santa was stopping at our house first made it so easy for my child to go to bed that night. He knew he had to go to bed early, and right away. Can't thank you all so much for such a great package. It will be part of our family tradition each year."

Sandy Warner
North Lake, Texas

"Although the package went to Ariana and Angelina Barletta, in Dedham, MA. I have to be honest, I was a little bit leery about doing it so late. I think it was like the Thursday or Friday before Christmas, and I was really leery about whether they would actually get it. I believe I did pay extra to have it shipped, so they would get it before Christmas. When I talked to them on Sunday and they hadn't received it, I was kind of nervous. But on Monday night, they called me and told me that Santa Claus' letter had just arrived. It was dark out, the mailman came late, and he didn't get there until like 5:00 or 5:30. I was dark outside, and they were so thrilled to have gotten those red envelopes. The next day when I saw them, on Christmas, they had to tell me all about what Rudolph said and he liked the same colors that she liked. They were really both very thrilled with their letters. My oldest, Ariana, is 9, and is still thrilled with hers. Angelina, who is only 5, was in orbit. She was so happy with it. So, I want to thank you very much. Hopefully, God willing, I will continue to use you again next year. Thank you. Bye-bye."

Mary Morse
Western, Massachusetts

"We absolutely loved our Package From Santa, and definitely will be ordering from there again. I also told quite a few of my friends, and my sister-in-law ordered from you also. Thank you very much."

Kimberly Panico
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

"I had two letters sent to two of my youngest grandsons, ages 10 and 6. And I found the on web line very easy to use and even as it was as close to Christmas as I ordered, it was delivered well before. The boys were very excited. The 10 year old, who's on the verge of believing or not believing, was absolutely floored by the whole thing. His biggest comment was how wonderful, what a great handwriting Santa had. And the other grandson, who is 6 years old, was very thrilled that Rudolph and him shared the same color, the favorite color. I really want to thank you very much for a job well done, and I do look forward to placing an order again next year. Thank you and have a great year!"

Karen Bliss
Holbrock, New York

"My son who's 7 years old, this is our first time to order anything like this. We've done the Santa Letter from the Post Office in the past, but have always been a little bit disappointed because it was so heavily photo copied. But, he about jumped through the roof when he got his package. He took everything out. He read the letters. He called both of his grandmas to read to them over the phone, and took it around to different friends in the neighborhood and was running. I have just have never seen him so excited. One of his favorite things was the part of the piece of the suite and the nice list certificate. That was one of his favorite things and of course the letter from Santa and Rudolph. But it was an absolutely fantastic experience and one of those memories that we'll always savor. Thank you so much for making this available."

Kimberly Mullen
Owasso, Oklahoma

"My son got the Deluxe Santa package and he absolutely loved everything inside. He was very excited that he got it from Santa and he couldn't wait to show everybody that came over. So it really was a great hit and then he went out and put the reindeer food down on Christmas Eve. So it really made Christmas real special this year, especially for him because he has a brain tumor and I wanted to make this the best Christmas he's ever had. So you guys just helped make it even more especial than every thing else that's went on this year. So I do appreciate it and I'm glad I was able to get this for him and make Christmas really, really special. Thank you!"

Karen Hertz
Sterling Heights, Michigan

"The Santa Letters were wonderful,even had the 13 year old stunned!"

Jeannette Keim
Lehigh Acres, Florida


Brandy Newton
Bunnlevel, North Carolina

"The Santa Letters were sent right on time, and in great condition! The Santa letters and the envelopes were just great!"

Billie Crawford
Monroe, Georgia

"My 2 sons were so excited to receive the red envelope in the mail even before they saw what was inside. The letter customization makes it a great pre-christmas gift."

Jason Kaas
Lindenhurst, New York

"I ordered a package for my daughter and my neice. They absolutely loved them. I was very please with everything. Now they have a personalized gift from Santa and a keepsake they can always cherish. I would say my daughter loved the reindeer food the best. She told me she was sleeping outside Christmas Eve to see the reindeer eat their food. She was also very excited to hear Santa was proud of her for peeing in the potty like a big girl.Thank you very much."

Tara Wright
Grantville, Pennsylvania

"My daughter was so excited when she received her bright red envelope from Santa! The day she received the envelope the weather was very cold outside, my daughter just knew that her bright red envelope came directly from the North Pole because it was so cold (from sitting in the mailbox) that was great! She shared her letter from Santa w/her classmates, the children clapped & cheered when she read that Santa's first stop this year would be in "Boalsburg, PA" Great!"

Lesa Lindsay
Boalsburg, PA

"Awesome job! I was worried that the letters were going to be the same. Not even close. Both of my kids thought they were real, Thanks! My kids were amazed that they got real letters from Santa. My son thought it was cute that Rudolph wrote him a note too. Very well done! The difference in wording for the two letters was done perfect. This is something I'm going to do every year. My son thought it was amazing that Santa knew he got smiley faces for being good in school. What a unique touch. They love to get mail, it makes them feel grown-up. Way to go though. I was impressed. Thanks again! Thank you for helping make their Christmas so personal. Bravo!! :o)"

Meadow Browne
Laveen, Arizona

"All three of my children were thrilled with our letters from Santa, they were read over and over and finally placed on their bedroom walls beside their nice certificates. All three of my children got something that they were thrilled to get. It made for many enchanting moments this year. Service and shipping were wonderful and timely, I hope that we get a chance to do this again next Christmas."

Christina Clinton
Rochester, New York

"I was VERY impressed. I loved that the letters for my 2 children were different. I loved how they were each so personal. Even though I did not receive both letters at the same time, when I called customer service, they were very accommodating. They were also very good about following up with me to be sure the letter was delivered. I can't wait to order again next year!!"

Dina Tillman
Mobile, Alabama

"I have never seen a gift like this in my life! It was better then I expected!!!! I wish this was around when i was a child. It left such a GREAT impression on my Daughter, that she realy believes in Santa now. She had her doubt, but not any more! It put me in tears to see the excitement on her face. I thought it was great to see Santa knew a lot of detail about my daughter. Thats what made her BELIEVE!!! Thank You!! Keep up the Great work!!! After All, Somebody has to play SANTA!"

Susan Mani
Hickory Hills, Illinois

"The kids were amazed. Their grandmom was watching them just before Christmas & they were being typical brother & sister, poking at each other on the couch & Grandmom told them they better behave because Santa was watching. My nephew (after crossing his arms) told her that he was OK becasue he had already received his letter from Santa & he knew my nephew was good already."

Kim Crawford
Rehoboth Beach, Deleware

"I work with children in the foster care system. The joy and amazement that these children experienced from your personalized letters and "Nice List Certificate" was the greatest gift I received this year. It meant so much to them that Santa knew intimate details about them and he was keeping track of where they were living. I know these will be cherished for a very long time. Thank you."

Ann Holloway
Morgan Hill, California

"The package we ordered was spectacular. The bright shiny envelope was beautiful, the letter was very well written and I have two kids in the house, one girl and one boy and their letters were tailored to each of them. They both felt so special and unique in what Santa wrote to them. The envelope was beautiful and shiny and the kids 10 and 9 were in awe. I wish it were Christmas already so that I can send another letter just to see my kids faces light up like that again. Long Live PackageFromSanta.com"

Scott Davis
Lindenhurst, Illinois

"The service and the product were amazing. My grandaughters were very surprised when they received their letters. I am going to spread the word to everyone telling them what joy your product brings."

Angela Blake
Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

"It was truly a magical moment-and one that we captured on video tape-when my 7-year-old received her deluxe package.Her eyes grew big and her face sparkled as she read the Santa letter and saw her name on Santa's "nice list" certificate. All of the items are high quality and make a beautiful presentation.We will definitely store this package in our keepsake box for our daughter's enjoyment when she is grown.I recommended this package to other friends.Thanks for providing such a great service!"

Elizabeth McCune
Collierville, Tennessee

"My five year old son was so excited to see that Santa Claus had sent him a package just for him. He was so shocked that Santa knew so much about him and showed everyone he knew the letter and the other contents of the package. Thanks so much and I will definitely tell all my friends and family to buy their package from you next Christmas."

Heather Burkhart
Meadville Pennsylvania

"My overall experience with PackageFromSanta was excellent. The look on my daughter's face when she received Santa's letter was priceless. Thank you so very much. I certainly recommend this website to other parents."

Rosaria Borrometi
Staten Island, New York

"My daughter is old enough to know there is no santa. She sees me wrap the presents and put them under the tree. Prior to Christmas, though, she was telling everyone that last year she got a letter from Santa. And we found a secret letter that she had written to Santa. Needless to say, I had another letter sent this year. She was thrilled and showed everyone!"

Melinda Johnston
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

"We held onto the package until Christmas Eve night. While my 8 year old was opening a gift, my husband snuck around to the front door, knocked, left the package and ran. When Jonathon opened the door, there it was. The postage and return address were perfect. He analyzes everything, so when he saw that it HAD to come from the North Pole, he was ecstatic. He couldn't believe it. He said, "I don't care what anybody says, now I know there's a Santa." It was beautiful! It was the icing on the cake this Christmas. My son will never foget this. Everything was perfice. Thank you so much. The service you offer is absolutely priceless!"

Shanan Holt
Newport, Tennessee


Zuni, Virginia

"My son was ever so excited about receiving his box and especially Santa's suit piece. He even left the reindeer food out for them on Christmas Eve. Thank-you for making a part of his Christmas special. "

Dakoda H. Price
Warner Robins, Georgia


Washington, Michigan

"My sister in-law was struggling this year, afraid she wouldn't be able to give her 2 boys the Christmas they deserved. The little girl i babysit had gotten one of these special letters and I just knew it was just want Santa ordered! *Wink* The letter was received two days later and made the whole family a little more optimistic! We had a great Christmas and Alex *4* just knew that he wouldn't be forgotten this year! Thank you so much for making Christmas a little more joyful! The package from Santa was such a God send! I was looking for the right get excited for christmas idea and a friend showed me... it was PERFECT!!! Truly a blessing"

Stacie Rider
St Louis, Missouri

"Please pick my family to win we really need this we have a brand new baby on the way and this money could help us. If we don't win you would still hear from us next year for our son Zion. My son loved Santa's letter made him think he was being watched. Thank you PackageFromSanta. Thank you for having something so nice for children is little thing like this is what makes the hoildays important. "

Cesar Nunez
Spring Valley, California

"My youngest child is in second grade, and believes that Santa has been to her house. She helps to prepare presents for her cousins, and older brothers and sisters, but believes that only Santa brought her presents. Mary is 7 years old. I don't know how long she will believe in Santa. Your package was a great experience for her! Amazing. Thanks for helping to continue that sense of awe."

Ann Wilhelm
Lehighton, Pennsylvania

"I ordered the personalized letters for my neice and nephew. I'll never forget the look of wonderment they had on their precious faces. My neice said "he really does know everything". I plan on ordering again next year. I've also told my friends and family about the website. It is really something special you can do for your children."

Karen Gray
Corinth, Massachusetts

"My grand daughter was completly thrilled and could not wait to tell all her friends in Kindergarten that Santa sent her a personal letter and wanted to know if her friends got one, my wife took the letter and pictures and showed some of the parents and they are looking forward to ordering this for thier children next year. What a great idea, it's perfect for the little ones."

Dwaine Deicke
Sandy Hook, Conneticut

"My daughter was jumping up and down at the mail box. She couln't believe there was a letter from Santa. She loved rudolph's picture and she was amazed that Santa knew her favorite color and her friends name. Thank you for making Christmas even more magical. I think you are GREAT! God Bless. Jesus is the reason for the season!!!"

Marcie Lemelin
Petaluma, California

"My daughter and I were thrilled to receive such a special looking envelope from Santa and parchment-like paper lent a very authentic feel to the letter not to mention the official gold foil stamp. The personalized messages through out the body of the letter-priceless! I know she loved it because she was telling everyone she knew about it. Glad we did it. Just the sheer joy was worth it."

Sherry Park
Breesport, New York

"The deluxe package was very neat, and exiting for our grand daughter. It was ordered rather late, but,arrived in good condition. I would definitely recommend it to others!"

Nadine Goodney

"I think it's great that someone came up with this idea. I wish that I knew about it sooner cause I would have done it every year for my son. He was so exctited to get the letter he showed it to everyone. I ordered it online Friday late at night and it was there by Wednesday the following week. I was so amazed it got here so fast. Thank you for this amazing gift my son and I will never forget it."

Joanna Long
Sicklerville New Jersey

"When I seen Your website I knew it would be an exsprienc our son would never forget. When I told him he had a package from the North Pole. His eyes lite up. He opened it and could not believe what he was reading.He said Mom how does Santa know i play ball? And how does he know I got a yellow 4Wheeler last year. I said you have to always believe.He told everybody he knew.You made him so happy. His birthday was New Years day.That was the best gift."

Pamela Hooper
Chickamauga, Georgia

"I was nervous that they would not arrive in time or that all 4 of my kids would not get them the same day. All 4 arrived the week before Christmas! My kids loved the letters. They were amazed that Santa "knew" them so well - their friends, their favorite colors, and what they're up to."

Lisa Reilly
Stilwell, Kansas

"There is NOTHING that compares to the package from santa!! As well as the customer service offered from this site it is AAA+ It actually arrived one day EARLIER than I expected!! Great service!! I anm looking forward to seeing what new innovative personalized things that this site comes up with for next year!!"

Brenda Langley
Goose Creek, South Carolina

"excellent timing! we received it within 3 days of ordering. my family ordered from another company and it took almost 30 days!!! we loved the way it was packaged and the cute story that went along with it."

Pamela Lopez
Valley Springs, California

"The personalized letter from Santa was so amazing! My daughter had so many doubts about Santa(thanks to other children) before she got the letter. Once she received her letter she had her faith restored in Santa. my daughter just so happened to get the mail the day it came, and when she saw it she was soooo excited. she was on cloud 9 from then till xmas. The letter was more personalized than I imagined it would be, and it said all the right things make a child believe in Santa. Thank You So Much!"

Nikki Johnson
St.louis, Missouri

"Content & presentation were both professional and top notch. Staff went extra mile when an error in delivery was, in fact, my fault. Thank you. My experience with PackageFromSanta was a very positive one. The letters to my grandchildren have been laminated and put into their personal scrap books. Keep up the great work. Your product speaks for itself. I promise to recommend PackageFromSanta to all my friends. Thanks again for correcting "my" mistake."

Peg Ryan
Plymouth, Massachusetts

"The children have started to question the authenticity of Santa.So I thought proving to them that Santa does exist would be a great idea. The boxes arrived and the squealing began.The letters proved to the children that Santa knows all.The Nice Certificate sealed the deal.Little did I know, the children would be outside on Christmas Eve sprinkling the reindeer food on the lawn.They truely believe! Wait till they get the postcard from Santa while on his trip!"

Tomasina Gettel
Lake Forest, California

"My daughter was amazed to find that Santa's letter included so many things about her, like her favorite color. She was questioning Santa until the package arrived and the letter was read! She also loved the photo of Rudolph and the Reindeer Food. Such a hit, we'll be customers for years to come! It arrived at least a week before Christmas, so it was a great surprise for my 4 year old. She loved everything in it."

Penny Conner
Satellite Beach, Florida

"My daughter was so excited to see the great big red shiny package from Santa. She opened it and was amazed at how much he knew in his letter about her. She bragged about it for weeks about how she was on the nice list and how she had a certificate to prove it. Her favorite was the letter from Rudolph and his funny signature(which was his foot print). I had a great experience and will order for all the years to come and there after for my grandchildren."

Rhiana McCarty
Herriman, Utah

"My 2 yr old was excited, but still too young to really 'get it', but my 4 year old was in ABSOLUTE awe and shock at the things Santa knew and included in her letter! Her face and excitement were priceless! The ability to provide personal information to be included in the letter made it just perfect! We showed it to so many people~ I'm sure they will be using your company next year~ I know we will! What a great choice we made in going with PackageFromSanta."

Michelle Mallory
Kennedale, Texas